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QSC Customer Service Online Training

Service Skills

While classroom training remains a popular method for delivering soft skills instruction, QSC realizes the benefits of using the web to offer a blended solution to their members' service training challenges.


QSC equips its members' with the skills they need to best serve their customers. offers 24/7 access to the content in the Telephone Doctor® Complete Video Training Library. QSC members with broadband access to the Internet and multimedia PCs can now view high quality video chapters, measure retention with online quizzes, view post-quiz feedback, print key point reminder and earn certificates of completion - directly from their desktop.


Each QSC member company has the option to purchase licenses for other employees at a cost of $39.00 per person for 12 months of access to the training.


If you want to see a preview of one of the training modules – click one of these links. Keep in mind that these are videos of videos and the sound may be a little distorted.


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 Flash movie -


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