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Quality Service Contractors assists HVAC, HVACR, plumbing and electrical companies with training events, seminars, sales training and business training.


QSC Power Meetings


February 14, 2017 - QSC Board of Trustee Meeting - Sheraton Park Hotel  - Anaheim Resort, Anaheim, CA

February 15-17, 2017 - QSC Power Meeting XLV - Sheraton Park Hotel  - Anaheim Resort, Anaheim, CA




Customer Service Representative (CSR) Training Class - 1 Day Class

The CSR program is a One Day class.  This training is designed to provide a system that you and your organization can follow to answer and book calls that optimizes great service to your customers and enhances the profitability of the company.  Good customer service is no longer good enough.  We live in a world where customers expect Great Experiences from your team. 


Class Objectives

  • Outline the procedure for answering the phone properly and discuss why it is important
  • Develop an understanding of customer service versus customer experience
  • Identify characteristics of great customer service representatives
  • Provide effective scripting to be used by employees who answer the phone
  • Listen to real phone calls and learn to examine what went right and what needs improvement
  • Role play based on what is learned throughout the day, especially in the area of price shopping


No Classes Scheduled At This Time






"TOPS" (Total Opportunity Performance Systems) TECHNICIAN TRAINING - 1 Day Class


The “TOPS” program is a 1-day class instructed by QSC Business Coach, Beth Dobkin or Les Hanks. “TOPS” is a training session designed for service providers to help them understand and develop specific activities and “attitudes” that will improve their level of professionalism before, during, and after their time spent with your customers.




Delivery System

Step 1: Starting Your Day ~ Step 2: Arriving at the Job ~ Step 3: Greeting Your Customer ~ Step 4: The Interview Process ~ Step 5: Presenting Solutions ~ Step 6: Obtaining Approvals ~ Step 7: Setting-Up a Clean Work Environment ~ Step 8: Completing the Job ~ Step 9: Offering Options ~ Step 10: Cleaning Up ~ Step 11: Presenting the Invoice ~ Step 12: Completing the Experience



►Personal accountability ~ ►Goal Setting ~ ►Why are successful people successful?  What are their secrets? ~ ►Service from the customer’s point of view ~ ►Why customers won’t do business with us (you) again? ~ ►What are customers looking for? ~ ►Personality types: Learning to work with them will make your job easier.


No Classes Scheduled At This Time




"BOSS" Business Operations and Systems Success - 1 Day Class


The B-O-S-S program is a 1-day interactive financial program. This course was designed for Plumbing, Heating and Cooling industry and is intended for company owners, managers, or anyone that needs a better understanding and working knowledge of financial statements and how to use them.


 No Classes Scheduled At This Time




"Supervisor/Service Manager Training" A Dynamic Two-Day Workshop

The two-day Supervisor/Service Manager training workshop. This workshop is designed for owners and managers to help improve skills, efficiency, productivity and motivation of your management team and leaders within your business.


The day will start with a discussion on leadership and help each attendee identify where they fit in with their organization, if they are in the right role, how to lead rather than manage, create attitudes that enable change and actionable items to make success possible.


We will work on key performance indicators like attendance, image, plumbing inspections, maintenance contracts, membership plans, job averages, close rates, add on sales, product understand what results are acceptable, how to hold team members accountable and how to set and measure results.


Additionally, during the workshop we will work with each team to develop an incentive program, CSR initiatives, customer loyalty, company goals, training agendas and meetings and other topics as they arise.


This is a class for you if you want to enhance your coaching and leadership skills to improve the overall success of your team, your company and yourself.


Everyone will work in groups throughout this workshop to produce the best results and most positive experience.


 No Classes Scheduled At This Time


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