Power Meeting 2018 Recap


Mark Your Calendar
October 10-12, 2018
Albuquerque, NM

Plumbing and HVACR service and repair contractors headed to Savannah, Georgia, March 6-8 for three powerful days of networking and sharing on topics like building business value and marketing in today’s marketplace, but they left with their eyes firmly focused on the future. Centered around a theme of “Future Proofing Your Business,” Power Meeting 2018 equipped attendees with how to establish long-term value and stability within their companies.

After all, said Lawrence Snow, outgoing QSC Chairman, “you want your company to eventually take care of you and give you financial freedom, and there are things you can do now, every day, to get the most out of your business later on.” One of those things, Snow explained, is developing leaders for the future. “You have to develop and nurture that talent over time.” Planning for bad events and adverse circumstances – fire, flooding, economic factors and global events – is another key element. “It’s too late to figure out your business continuity plan when you need it,” he added. Finally, Snow urged attendees to keep an eye on the future, particularly in terms of trends and forces that affect these contractors’ customers and their businesses. “Right now there are many traditional industries and business models that are being severely disrupted and challenged by technology,” Snow said. “We cannot take our eyes off the ball here.”

Setting the stage with those objectives, QSC presented sessions to help contractors strengthen their business and plan for the future. By the end, participants had learned how to build business value; develop strong future leaders; collaborate to develop solutions during a QList LIVE session; manage online marketing and online reviews; analyze economic forecasts; create resiliency and prepare for an economic downturn; plan for disasters; and prepare for technology trends.