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Quality Service Contractors Premium Business Coaching



Announcing NEW Premium Coaching Levels



QSC Is Committed To Your Growth and Success.

QSC recognizes that our members have different needs at different times — so we have expanded our coaching levels to meet your organization's unique needs and budget. Please click HERE to LEARN MORE and SIGN UP for the NEW Premium Coaching Levels.


What can the QSC Business Management Coach do for you?

IT IS A FACT! As businesses grow the issues that face the success of the business grow also. Why face these issues alone?


With the help of the QSC Business Management Coach you can get an outside view for the business from industry professionals with recommendations for improvement.


As a business grows you face new WALLS that must be climbed to get to the next level. The QSC Business Management Coach will work with you to build a ladder of success to get your business to the next level.


Services Available:

  • Business Tune-up
    Every aspect of your business is reviewed with a detailed report and recommendations for improvements. PLUS, you will receive follow-up to help you with implementation.
  • Management Structure
    As a company grows so do the demands on the management. Make sure that you are ready to grow.
  • Implementation Support
    Having trouble implementing any of QSC programs? The QSC Business Coach will work with you or your employees to get things accomplished. A few of these are:
    • Establish Processes and Procedures
    • Improve your Business Operations
    • Set Priorities
    • Establish Job Descriptions

Start the process today!

Contact a QSC Business Management Coach:


Les Hanks

Les Hanks

Beth Dobkin

Beth Dobkin

Click here for more information about Les Hanks.
Cell: (254) 723-0791
QSC: (800) 533-7694
Fax: (888)-851-2658
Click here for more information about Beth Dobkin.
Cell: (916) 835-5013
QSC: (800) 533-7694
Fax: (877) 758-6426



For on-site coaching business reviews:


QSC Members: $1,100 a day plus expenses for on site visits plus FREE unlimited phone, fax and e-mail support.


PHCC Members: $1,850 per day plus expenses. Each on-site day will include one FREE hour of support after the visit. If a PHCC member chooses to join QSC within 30 days of the coaching visit, the difference between the QSC member coaching price and the PHCC member coaching price will be applied to their first year's dues investment (at the then current QSC dues investment amount in effect).


What Others Are Saying About QSC Business Management Coaching:

If you are not happy with the way things are working in your company (not enough on the bottom line, employee issues, need systems and processes?), why not get in touch with a QSC COACH - Beth or Les - and schedule one of them to come in and review your business. Believe me it will be the best money you ever spent on improving your business.I have been meaning to get back with the QSC Coach and see what the schedule is for consulting again. I am now at a point where I need to make some changes in my company as far as my position and would like some input and trusted thoughts.


We have made more money this year than I ever thought! Thanks to QSC!!!!!!
Roger Fouche
Schaal Heating and Cooling


               Des Moines, IA



Hi Charlie:


I think joining QSC was probably one of the best business decisions we have made since we opened in 2007. We have only begun to use the services you offer and I'm really excited about the possibilities of personal growth I can gain by participating in the training.


We just finished a 2 day visit with Les and I'm very impressed with the total experience. He spent 2 hours per day with the field employees and very successfully got our guys engaged and excited about the coming changes in our service process and professional development.


I am really glad that Les has the level of business knowledge that it takes to analyze the whole picture and give honest, sound advice and he actually made me feel better about our overall business position ( in short we're doing a lot of things right already) and we're not nearly as bad as I had thought. We do have a lot of things to do to get where we want to be but that's okay. 

QSC was not our first contact with business coaching organizations, we spent quite a bit of time researching and interviewing other organizations. The other guys used fear tactics to make me feel like we might fail if we don't get on board with them, and we almost jumped in but at the last minute we heard about you all. Our first contact was Patrice, she is a gem, she explained membership very well and didn't give us any high pressure nonsense, and I called her back several times and she was always patient and helpful. She was the reason we joined, please thank her for me.

We're looking forward to growing with you all. Thanks for everything.

David Alexander,
David's Heating & Cooling



Hi all-


I have been in a little bit of a holding pattern with my business since joining  QSC this spring and seeing the plethora of tools and information available through the organization. I was a little overwhelmed with everything I wanted to do.  I felt like I needed someone much smarter than me to look at our operation and advise in the most logical changes to make our business better.


We are a small shop that does not have extra money to throw around; I was really self-conscious to have him come out and discover all of my flaws.


First day he looked at our financials, operations, marketing, management and everything else. Second day he put together a action plan to get us where we need to be. On more complicated things, like changing from hourly to performance-based pay he didn't tell me how to do it. He did it with me. He is very patient, knowledgeable, and genuinely concerned with making a positive impact.


Les coming out was probably the best things I have ever done for our company. I am much more confident and focused in the direction ClearWater Plumbers is heading.


I would not hesitate to recommend his consultation to anyone. Thanks again Les!

Jeff Longspaugh
ClearWater Plumbers
Fort Worth, TX


Other Member Benefits of QSC:

The North American service and repair industry has nothing that rivals QSC's affordability, and adaptability to meet the plumbing-heating-cooling (p-h-c) industry's unprecedented challenges.


QSC is your most cost effective tool as a committed p-h-c industry member to prosper through our continually expanding inventory of education and training programs, products and services.


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