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Quality Service Contractors Premium Business Coaching



Announcing NEW Premium Coaching Levels



QSC Is Committed To Your Growth and Success.

QSC recognizes that our members have different needs at different times — so we have expanded our coaching levels to meet your organization's unique needs and budget. Please click HERE to LEARN MORE and SIGN UP for the NEW Premium Coaching Levels.


What can the QSC Business Management Coach do for you?

IT IS A FACT! As businesses grow the issues that face the success of the business grow also. Why face these issues alone?


With the help of the QSC Business Management Coach you can get an outside view for the business from industry professionals with recommendations for improvement.


As a business grows you face new WALLS that must be climbed to get to the next level. The QSC Business Management Coach will work with you to build a ladder of success to get your business to the next level.


Services Available:

  • Business Tune-up
    Every aspect of your business is reviewed with a detailed report and recommendations for improvements. PLUS, you will receive follow-up to help you with implementation.
  • Management Structure
    As a company grows so do the demands on the management. Make sure that you are ready to grow.
  • Implementation Support
    Having trouble implementing any of QSC programs? The QSC Business Coach will work with you or your employees to get things accomplished. A few of these are:
    • Establish Processes and Procedures
    • Improve your Business Operations
    • Set Priorities
    • Establish Job Descriptions

Start the process today!

Contact a QSC Business Management Coach:


Les Hanks

Les Hanks

Beth Dobkin

Beth Dobkin

Rebecca Gold

Click here for more information about Les Hanks.
Cell: (254) 723-0791
QSC: (800) 533-7694
Fax: (888)-851-2658
Click here for more information about Beth Dobkin.
Cell: (916) 835-5013
QSC: (800) 533-7694
Fax: (877) 758-6426
Click here for more information about Rebecca Gold.
Cell: (805) 886-7000
QSC: (800) 533-7694
Fax: (855) 815-5388



For on-site coaching business reviews:


QSC Members: $1,100 a day plus expenses for on site visits plus FREE unlimited phone, fax and e-mail support.


PHCC Members: $1,850 per day plus expenses. Each on-site day will include one FREE hour of support after the visit. If a PHCC member chooses to join QSC within 30 days of the coaching visit, the difference between the QSC member coaching price and the PHCC member coaching price will be applied to their first year's dues investment (at the then current QSC dues investment amount in effect).


What Others Are Saying About QSC Business Management Coaching:


I highly recommend QSC Business Coaching. After working with Les Hanks for a year, my profit margin went up 9%. He helped me with implementing a performance based pay plan and correct pricing in my flat rate guide which decreased my payroll by 11%, but my techs actually got a raise. What a great deal for everyone involved! Whenever I know Les is visiting again, I am motivated to stay on top of my action plans from our most recent meeting. I cannot stress more how important QSC Business coaching has been in helping me to become more profitable and run a better business.

Update after one year of Coaching: Les has been visiting us for a little over 2 years. He is a "maximizer"; he gets satisfaction out of making things better. Les has definitely helped make our organization better. A++
Thank You so much Les!

Jeff Longspaugh
ClearWater Plumbers


The best decision we have ever made for our business was hiring a business coach. For years we struggled to understand how to prioritize our life and business. A plumbing contractor and his wife raising five boys and running a growing business was overwhelming and bleeding into every aspect of our lives. We had already signed on to one of the bigger organizations that literally charged us a boatload of money and basically handed us two huge 5 inch spiral notebooks and said here you go. If you wanted training for your staff you had to send them to the mid-west and pay an additional amount as well as hotel and airfare. If you had a question it took about two and half weeks to get a response all while charging a crazy amount of money every month. When my husband approached me with the QSC coaching program I was a bit skeptical. The problem was we still needed help. When he pointed out that with the premium package the coach would come to our shop at no cost for the first two visits, I knew that was the help we needed. We are both visual and hands on people. As soon as Beth came into our lives we began the process of prioritizing and setting goals. Beth then helped us develop a plan and gave each one of us our parts to execute and implement. Beth motivated, trained, organized and systemized us and our staff. We were able to be incredibly vulnerable and state exactly where were at and get the help we needed. Our employees became motivated and excited as they now saw a clear vision and direction. After a year of coaching we doubled our sales. After our first two free visits we knew we had to do this on a regular basis. We wanted to keep the momentum going. It did not matter what our issue or struggle, Beth had a solution. Beth is our business lifeline. Whether it is getting our price book up to date, determining if we charging the right amount for each job, changing software, training and hiring a CSR, where to position a desk, who should be in what office, dividing job duties, marketing, creating a policy for cell phones, uniforms, drugs etc. and the list goes on and on and on, she has a solution and many times several. We know longer stay stuck or perplexed or attempt to reinvent the wheel while wasting all kinds of time. We call or email and brainstorm with her and get it on with business. Truly the best decision that has paid for itself in our bottom line as well as our mental and physical health.
Brenda Barker
Barker and Sons Plumbing


I have benefited from several programs offered by QSC since becoming a member. It has been my pleasure to work with Beth Dobkin as my Business Coach. Beth’s insight and recommendations give me the assurance that my company is in compliance. We at Pristine Plumbing are proceeding with confidence in financial areas because of the regular reviews of our statements and practices. I have a clearer understanding of what steps I need to take in order to meet our business goals. I like her professional style that allows her to focus on business structure and communicate in a clear concise manner about everything from product to identifying employee’s goals. I am happy to have access to such an experienced person and the quality of service Beth provides.
Richard Cadogan
Pristine Plumbing, Inc.

Other Member Benefits of QSC:

The North American service and repair industry has nothing that rivals QSC's affordability, and adaptability to meet the plumbing-heating-cooling (p-h-c) industry's unprecedented challenges.


QSC is your most cost effective tool as a committed p-h-c industry member to prosper through our continually expanding inventory of education and training programs, products and services.


2016 Member Benefits

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