Why Join?

Power Your Business with QSC 

QSC provides what you need to help you run your business more efficiently and profitably, serve your clients more personally, enhance your business image and meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. Download an application form

Community Connections.


Events and Conferences like QSC’s Power Meetings help you recharge, learn and share ideas to boost your business. Power Meeting gives you a unique mix of camaraderie and professional development and members consider it their "must-attend" event.

The Q-List is at the heart of the QSC community, and is the go-to online forum for trusted and quick advice, assistance or answers to any of your business questions.

Peer Groups and Visionary Performance Groups offer a unique and powerful opportunity for owners to transform their businesses in an open and trusted environment. These small groups bring together like-minded owners seeking to pursue their business goals through long-term help and insight from trusted peers.

Discount and Rebate programs connect you with industry partners who value your business, offering you the opportunity to earn from your QSC membership.

The Power of Community Connections
"The networking is invaluable as it is hard to run a business in a vacuum. We have made a tremendous amount of connections through our QSC membership. The community is extremely helpful. I really value meeting with other members, and I frequently use the Q-list as a resource.
Plus, all members of our company use the QSC benefits so they can access the network and the tools they need to be successful."
Susan Frew, Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air,
Henderson, CO

Expert Education


Online resources galore in our library of downloadable forms, documents and guides that are ready to go.  Why reinvent the wheel?

Training and development for your team with courses for service techs and managers that give them the know-how and skills to provide better service, sell more and create results.  Plus training and courses for owners and senior managers to help you recruit and retain, plan for the future and have a better grasp of your numbers.

Webinars from Industry Partners, QSC coaches and other trusted sources will give you the latest and most innovative techniques.

HR and Safety information from leading names like SESCO and BLR will help you train and manage your employees and avoid errors and accidents. 

The Power of Expert Education
"I went to my first QSC Power Meeting and was blown away.
You learn best practices in a non-competitive atmosphere. You sharpen your skills. You get information that you can take and make your own. We’ve grown about $3 million since becoming QSC members and have built a company that can continue to grow. Anyone that’s looking to grow their business should join."
Dan Dowdy, S&D Plumbing, Taylor, TX

Personalized Coaching


Expert answers and advice offered by QSC's business coaches, who have hands-on knowledge of the service and repair business and are available to help you with your toughest problems and biggest opportunities

Total Business Tune-up with a "bumper to bumper" business review and analysis along with follow-up help to implement improvements and to track your progress

Management structure and employee development to keep your management on track so you can run your business effectively and efficiently, spending more of your time focused on the right things

Implementation support gives you help where you need it, to establish new processes and procedures and enhance operations

The Power of Personalized Coaching
"I’ll be retiring soon, and my sons will be taking over the business. Personalized coaching through QSC is preparing us for that succession. We also bought two other companies, so the coaches are helping us to manage that takeover and decide how to best run the business.
Through QSC, you get to rub shoulders with the best of the best,
who can help grow your business effectively and profitably, and get you energized to move to the next level."
Lawrence Snow, Valley Plumbing and Drain, Sandy, UT