Building Blocks of Success

Service Technician Training Now Available for Purchase!

QSC Service Technician Training Series: 

Building Blocks of Success!

This benefit is now available to both QSC and Non Members!

Is finding the time to train your service technicians a challenge?  Now you can present education when it works for you and your team!  Whether it be during staff meetings or at another time of your choosing, you will have access to these robust education sessions 24/7.

These recorded 30 to 40-minute sessions presented by QSC Business Coaches Beth Dobkin, Les Hanks and Rick Mears are now available to QSC Members for $599.00 per company, PHCC members for $799.00 per company and Non members for $899.00 per company. Each session covers best practices and tips for how your service technicians can be best able to handle whatever your clients might object to.  Included with this unlimited access are quick reference “Tips to Remember” and scripting suggestion hand-outs for each session as well. 

Session titles include:

  • “Me” Centric – Mind Shift – Mindset
  • Arrive with Style
  • Shatter the Ice
  • Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars
  • Safe Homes are Happy Homes
  • Don’t Forget the Icing 

Subscribers can view these videos by clicking on the thumbnails provided below and entering the password. Forgot the password? Contact Dawn Dalton or call direct (703) 752-9893

Not subscribed? Please contact Dawn Dalton or call direct (703) 752-9893

  • QSC Member: $599.00 per company
  • PHCC Member: $799.00 per company
  • Non Member: $899.00 per company

Questions? Please contact Dawn Dalton at or (800) 533-7694. 

Session 1 "“Me” Centric – Mind Shift – Mindset"
with Beth Dobkin

Learning Objectives:

• Identify positive and potentially negative pronouns
• Adopt a we, us, our approach
• Explain mind shifts
• Develop an awareness of opportunities for change
• Define mindsets and how to make life changing modifications

Session 2 "Arrive with Style" with Les Hanks

Learning Objectives:

• Define respect in customer terms
• Establish a “first Impression” routine
• Understand how personal hygiene provides success
• Highlight the power of a smile
• Create a grand entrance

Session 3 "Shatter the Ice" with Rick Mears

Learning Objectives:

• Discover unspoken questions
• Learn how to respond with unspoken answers
• Follow-up with engaging questions
• Perform little extras
• Shatter the Ice!

Session 4 "Shoot for the Moon, Land Among the Stars" with Rick Mears

Learning Objectives:

• Acknowledge differing perspectives
• Start your journey to stardom
• Set the table for success
• Change buying habits through options
• Deliver expectations

Session 5 "Safe Homes are Happy Homes" with Les Hanks

Learning Objectives:

• Define the Plumbing Safety Checkup
• Evaluate reasons to perform checkups
• Discuss items included in the checkup
• Determine value to the customer
• Analyze value to the tech and company
• Examine multiple approaches to secure approvals
• Summarize objectives when completing a plumbing checkup

Session 6 "Don’t Forget the Icing" with Beth Dobkin

Learning Objectives:

• We will identify opportunities to create a memorable customer experience
• We will determine behaviors or processes that promote customer loyalty
• We will explain the long-term value of warranties and guarantees
• We will expose questions that help you solidify the customer buying decision
• We will offer suggestions on final actions that leave the customer Wowed
• We will establish a follow-up process for your customer’s future needs