Training Classes

Training Classes

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BOSS – Business Operation and Systems Success
– Financial class

This 1-day course is designed for the plumbing, heating and cooling industry and is intended for company owners, managers, or anyone that needs a better understanding and working knowledge of financial statements, how to use them and how to price their services correctly and profitably!  

Front Line Service Training – Technician Training

This two-day class will teach plumbing and HVAC service technicians the mindset, concepts and techniques they need to succeed. The program is centered around QSC’s Ten Step Service Delivery System. This is a highly interactive program with exercises, examples and role playing to help technicians hone their skills.

 Key Topics

  • What is Success?
  • Mindset and Attitude
  • Brand and Value
  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Overcoming Sales Objections
  • Being Persuasive Upselling

 QSC’s Service Delivery System

  • Establish the First Impression
    • Start your Day
    • Arrive and greet customer
  • Diagnose the Situation
    • Interview customer
    • Inspect site
    • Present menu of solutions
    • Obtain customer approval
  • Complete the Work
    • Prepare work environment
    • Carryout job
    • Cleanup work environment
  • Finalize the Experience
    • Present invoice and depart


Customer Service Representative Training

This 1-day course is designed to provide a system that you and your entire organization can follow to answer the phone and optimize opportunities with customers.  By using the system, your company can create the difference between a good customer experience and a GREAT customer experience. Objectives:  To develop an understanding of customer service vs. customer experience.

Identify appropriate characteristics necessary in a customer service representative answering your telephones.  Provide an effective script to be used by all employees to answer your company telephones in a consistent manner that will differentiate your business from other service organizations and to establish an understanding of how training and development of employees will increase opportunities and success. 


Service Manager Training Workshop

2-day workshop is designed for owners and managers to help improve skills, efficiency, productivity and motivation of your management team and leaders within your business.  This is a class for you if you want to enhance your coaching and leadership skills to improve the overall success of your team, your company and yourself.


The day will start with a discussion on leadership and help each attendee identify where they fit in with their organization, if they are in the right role, and how to lead rather than manage.  We will discuss creating attitudes that enable change and actionable items to ensure success.


We will go over key performance indicators like attendance, image, plumbing & HVAC inspections, maintenance contracts, membership plans, job averages, close rates etc. . . . . to understand what the benchmarks should be and how to hold team members accountable, as well as setting and measuring results.

Attendees will gain a basic financial understanding to enhance their leadership skills, understanding and manage more effectively. 

Topics Covered: ● Leadership ● Setting Priorities ● Problem Solving and Implementing Change ● Building a Service Culture ● SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis of Team ● Keeping Score (Financials) ● Motivating your Team


The True Cost of Running a Business Calculating YOUR Proper Costs, Profit & Pricing - 8 Hour Business Class

You Are Probably Not Charging Enough for Your Services…

 If you are charging customers less than your costs to do the job, it’s just a matter of time before your cash flow comes to an end.

 We will help you determine your proper selling price that covers ALL your costs to provide a service, plus a profit based on the % you choose.

 In this seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Calculate all the pieces that go into employee costs
  • Determine field productivity & the billable hours available to the company
  • Determine company overhead expenses
  • Find your company’s breakeven rate
  • Calculate your profit with a discussion on mark-up vs. margin methods
  • Arrive at a solid billable hour price that is based on real numbers – not guesses.

 BOTTOM LINE: Invest few hours with us and learn how to make more money and improve your cash flow!

 This session is a must attend for anyone who has not done the math to determine their own correct selling price, but it also aimed at business owners and key personnel who are responsible for competing against companies that are undercharging for their services.

 Use the Tools Available to You as a PHCC Member!

The seminar will include a review of the PHCC Educational Foundation’s Overhead & Profit Calculator, a software tool designed to make the process of finding a proper selling price easy for p-h-c contractors.

All PHCC members receive a free copy of the software!

Peak Financial Performance - 8 Hour Business Class

Course Overview: Purpose of the course is to show owners and key management personnel the importance of running the business with actual numbers in mind.  Key principles of budgeting are discussed, along with analyzing breakeven sales, profit and loss evaluation and tech performance boards.  The building blocks of add on sales and invoice coaching is taught so that everyone understands the why and the how of growing profits.  The class concludes with the 10 Commandments of Peak Financial Performance.


Course Outline

  1. Defining Financial Prosperity
  2. Developing a Peak Performance Attitude
  3. Financial Prosperity Game Plan
  4. Numbers I Must Know and Manage to reach goals
  5. What is a Budget?
    1. Define the process
    2. Identify Key Performance Indicators that drive revenue
    3. Using a system to drive revenue on your budget
    4. Controlling expenses, identifying fixed and variable costs
  6. Sales Needed to breakeven and make a profit analysis
    1. Show QSC Cash Breakeven Tool and examples of how it works
    2. QSC P&L Evaluation Tool
  7. Flat Rate Pricing
    1. Are you priced correctly?
    2. Is your book made for the customer?
  8. Performance Boards
    1. Key Performance Indicators on the Board
    2. Analysis and related decisions that result
    3. Show Analysis Tool and why tracking is important
  9. Membership Plans
    1. Define the purpose
    2. How they benefit everyone
  10. Drain Maintenance Product Sales
    1. Purpose and how they are sold
  11. Coaching Invoices
    1. Discussion of why coaching invoices with techs leads to increased sales
  12. Safety Inspections
    1. Purpose of the safety inspection
    2. How to use it in the sales process
  13. The Ten Commandments of Financial Prosperity & Peak Performance

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