Chapter Executives

Chapter Executives

How would you like to earn non-dues generating revenue while providing education benefiting your existing members and enticing prospective new members to join your chapter? Then QSC has got the deal for you!

For a nominal fee QSC will provide the course, instructor, supporting materials and will even help you promote the session! The following package and special pricing offer has been developed to help establish a win/win for all stakeholders and readily accommodate education (and bottom-line!) needs.

You may choose from the following, delivered by QSC Coach:

  • Two eight-hour training courses - with a one-day or two-day format option. Chapter will retain all registration revenue, exceeding QSC fee, and coach expenses to include air, hotel, meals and ground transportation.    
    • One day - $2500 (QSC member price of $349 per person minimum requirement – minimum attendance number requirement waived).
    • Two days – $5000 (QSC member price of $749 per person minimum requirement - minimum attendance number requirement waived).
  • One two to four-hour presentation at your annual member convention/meeting for $1600 (no minimum attendance number requirement).

Chapter will provide:

  • One registration, two minutes of podium time, a QSC prize give-away opportunity, logo and sponsorship listing and a trade show booth during your annual convention/meeting.
  • Ad space for QSC in issues of your chapter publication marketing upcoming QSC education and program offerings.
  • Annual convention/meeting and education session attendee lists.
  • Facility, A/V and food and beverage for events as needed.


QSC Business Classes:

How High Is Your Mountain? - As a small business owner, you are independent and therefore must be resourceful. This One-day class is designed to teach you to identify your greatest resources by analyzing where you are, where you are going and ultimately, where you want to be.  If you are a small business owner and unsure what your future holds, this is the class for you.  

BOSS – Business Operation and Systems Success. This one-day course is designed for the plumbing, heating and cooling industry and is intended for company owners, managers, or anyone that needs a better understanding and working knowledge of financial statements, how to use them and how to price their services correctly and profitably! 

Customer Service Representative Training – This one-day course is designed to provide a system that you and your entire organization can follow to answer the phone and optimize opportunities with customers.  By using the system, your company can create the difference between a good customer experience and a GREAT customer experience.   

Building a Business Strategy - We all know that planting a garden takes thought, dedication, proper climate and persistence.  Your business is no different.  Business planning is an essential part of running a business but most of us spend more time planning a vacation.  Like food keeps us nourished, your business plan should be the fuel that keeps your business healthy and thriving.   If you are too busy to create a business strategy, do yourself a favor: step back and evaluate where you want to be.  If it is anywhere other than where you are right now, this two-day class is for you!  

Creating Your Budget – Like building a business plan, a budget helps you make management decisions based on more than gut instinct.  A budget is a carefully outlined expectation of needed expenditures, used to manage a business successfully and grow the business effectively and profitably through the proper use of company resources.  During this one-day class, you will use your financial information to create a 12-month budget.

Service Manager Training - This two-day workshop is designed for owners and managers to help improve skills, efficiency, productivity and motivation of your management team and leaders within your business.  This is a class for you if you want to enhance your coaching and leadership skills to improve the overall success of your team, your company and yourself.  

Peak Financial Performance – The purpose of this course is to show owners and key management personnel the importance of running the business with actual numbers in mind.  Key principles of budgeting are discussed, along with analyzing breakeven sales, profit and loss evaluation and tech performance boards.  The building blocks of add on sales and invoice coaching is taught so that everyone understands the why and the how of growing profits.  The one-day class concludes with the 10 Commandments of Peak Financial Performance. 


Building a Service Culture through Great Leadership – This one-day course is designed to help managers become better leaders which ultimately results in a great service culture.  Attendees will learn how to apply the principle of core values, making the company a values-driven engine whose team connects internally and externally with everyone they meet.  Great morale and staunch accountability can happen simultaneously.  This course explains how to bring these concepts together to show strong leadership. 

Slay the 5 Common Sales Objections – Common challenges exist with each “sales” call.  We will identify the 5 most common sales objections, the true issues preventing closing the sale and how to help the client buy.  This one-day class is for technicians that already have become familiar with the concept of running the “perfect service call” and are ready to dig deeper.    


Frontline Service Training – Build your team of superstars.  This two-day course will help your service professionals gain the knowledge, skills and desire to create exceptional customer experiences, sell more, drive repeat business and create results.  Give them the tools they need by creating the right mindset, developing personal communication skills, learning to be a team player and sales skills that will take your business to a whole other level.  


Becoming a Quality Service Consultant – Too often technicians feel they are being pushed to be “salesman”, a job title they never signed up for. The purpose of this one-day class is to teach applicable skills for becoming a consultant and educator rather than a salesman. This course helps technicians uncover how psychology and persuasion are used to become a better consultant.   The class is designed for service professionals that already have become familiar with the concept of running the “perfect service call” and are ready to dig deeper.   


Recruiting & Retention – Finding the best fit for your company is often a challenge.  The purpose of this four-hour course is to show owners and other members of the organization responsible for hiring, the keys of recruiting superior team members and how to retain them once they are onboard.  


True Cost of Running Your Business – If you are charging your customers less than your costs to do the job, it is only a matter of time before your cash flow comes to a screeching halt.  In this one-day session, we will help you determine your proper selling price to cover ALL your costs when providing service, plus a profit based on the percentage you choose.  



Chapter Education Course Options:

Daily Fiscal Fitness - Is your business on a short-term feeding frenzy or is it operating on a well-balanced diet?  Learn what you should be doing to keep ahead of your competition to ensure you have a business in the future.   

Fortune Seekers Roadmap – It is much easier to manage a process than trying to manage everyone and every task involved in the process.  This session is designed to help you uncover the mystery behind establishing your fortune through system and process development.

Ready, Set, Grow – This session will concentrate on identifying key performance indicators (KPIs) specially designed on growing your business.  Methods will key in on the measurement of goals while holding team members accountable for accomplishing established benchmarks.  Attendees will leave with a list of actionable items to work on upon returning to their offices.  

Creating a Customer Loyalty Team - The average service business spends upwards of 10% of total sales trying to stay ahead of their competition to capture market share.  But did you know improving customer loyalty and retaining existing customers, year over year can improve your revenue stream by more than 25%.  This session will focus on daily, weekly and monthly activities your customer service team should be performing to help improve customer retention, increasing your opportunities while maintaining your marketing budget.  

Evolve or Die – Success is all about positioning.  Just as a bear hibernates, a squirrel gathers nuts or a chameleon changes color, we react to our business environment every day. Our decision to change our thinking, the way we do business or the way we approach challenges has to be based on being better today than yesterday and making a conscious effort to create a better tomorrow.  Learn what you can do to prepare for the future.  

Leading Your Team to Peak Performance - Is your team just going through the motions or are you seeing the results you expected?  Learn what you can do to motivate your team to peak performance.  

Do You want Fries with That? – Supersize, BOGO, second one is half price… these are all common persuasive techniques used to get consumers to buy more.  This session is designed to help you make upselling part of your business.   

Developing a Field of Play – Have you set the boundaries for your team?  Do they know what you expect of them?  This session is designed to give you some ideas on helping your team understand their role and place on your team.  

Setting Priorities – It is easy to get caught up in the daily activities of the business.  But, at the end of the day did you accomplish what needed to get done so you can enjoy the night off?  So many times, we are so busy putting out fires that we fail to create a prevention plan.  This class will help you identify your three top priorities and teach you to focus on things that will move the needle to help you manage your business better.  

Building a Service Culture – Imagine what would happen if everyone on your team had a shared purpose.  Every interaction and transaction would be focused on a common cause making the work environment more harmonious.  If you are in the service industry, your company should absolutely have a shared purpose.  Learn how to get everyone on the same page.   

Your Role as a Leader – To lead you must have followers otherwise you are just taking a walk.  Learn what things you must do as the leader of your company to inspire, motivate, and attract.   

Defining Moments – There is a big difference between satisfied and loyal when it comes to customers.  The truth is, everyone on your team has the opportunity to create defining moments.  What does your company do to stand out from the rest?  Learn what you can do to create confidence and build trust with your customer to turn them into loyal, raving fans.   

Motivating, Training & Coaching Your Team – Understand the principles of motivating employees, some key elements of training, what coaching means and how each is applied in real life situations.  

Business Banking - Learn the principles of business banking from the standpoint of what banks look for when making business loan decisions.


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